1- In the present economic climate, most families cannot……… themselves on a single income.

A) grow B) earn C) spend D) cultivate E) support

2- The floods were so bad that the people living near the river had to be ……… from their homes.

A) vacuumed B) trapped C) investigated
D) evacuated E) elevated

3- According to the ……… on the load-speakers, the show would begin ten minutes later than scheduled.

A) advertisement B) declaration C) maintenance
D) announcement E) confirmation

4- The management regrets to inform you that this exhibit has been ……… removed from the museum for restoration.

A) accurately B) consistently C) temporarily
D) deliberately E) extensively

5- We had looked forward to a good weekend of sailing, but there was ……… enough wind to make the boat move.

A) quietly B) scarcely C) perfectly
D) necessarily E) completely

6- There was a …….. silence, during which everyone looked nervously at the president.

A) tense B) probable C) vigorous D) hectic E) weak

7- According to law, you can’t work independently as a plumber, in Germany ……… you have a German trade qualification.

A) in case B) for C) since D) while E) unless

8- She decided to become a nurse ……… the low pay and long hours.

A) besides B) instead of C) despite
D) just as E) until

9- You should be able to keep the weight you have lost off ………. you eat sensibly.

A) as long as B) in spite of C) although
D) however E) in order to

10- I have seen Monet’s painting ‘Sunrise1 reproduced on cards and posters many times, but when I saw the painting ……….. I was astonished at ………. beauty.

A) myself/him B) him/his C) his/itself
D) itself/its E) himself/mine

11- I am horrified at the. reports which have been coming out of the area recently, ………. .

A) and so have we B) as is everyone else
C) but they have D) so they aren’t
E) and nor are they

12- The area …….. the Bosphorus was once all countryside, but now it is full …….. concrete buildings.

A) in/from B) about/in C) of/with D) at/for E) along/of

13- London is linked ……… most parts of the country ……… roads and railroads.

A) on/of B) for/at C) in/off D) to/under E) with/by

14- I didn’t do as well as I had expected in my Italian exam, but ………. my finals went well.

A) in common B) on the increase C) at the most
D) on the whole E) in progress

15- She is very interested in arts, and the city ……… she lives in has a lot of art galleries and museums.

A) where B) what C) which D) whose E) whom

16- In order to solve the world’s problems, we need a greater understanding of the human mind and ……… it works.

A) how B) why C) when D) that E) where

17- I have never done anything ……… white water rafting.

A) the most excited B) more exciting than
C) too exciting D) so excited as
E) exciting enough

18- Though I tried …….. I could, I was only able to come second in the race.

A) too hard B) so hard that C) as hard as
D) harder than E) hard enough

19- The film I saw yesterday was about …….. young man’s attempt to find …….. meaning of life.

A) the/— B) —/the C) a/the D) any/a E) the/any

20- Highly advanced civilisations ……… in Mesopotamia for centuries when the Mongol invasions …….. much of their cultural heritage.

A) have been thrivlng/were destroying
B) were thriving/had destroyed
C) thrived/have destroyed
D) have thrived/would have destroyed
E) had been thriving/destroyed

21- Westerners who ……… to Iran ……… that the Iranian people are exceptionally hospitable.

A) have travelled/report
B) will travel/reported
C) have been travelling/were reported
D) are travelling/will report
E) had been travelling/are reported

22- I couldn’t decide for a long time, but now I think I …….. my father a new tie for his birthday next week.

A) have bought B) buy C) will buy
D) bought E) was buying

23- It turned out that the house which I ……… was for sale last week ……… the week before.

A) think/was being sold
B) have thought/was sold
C) had been thinking/is sold
D) thought/had been sold
E) was thinking/has been sold

24- As I ……. very busy recently, I still ……… Spielberg’s latest film.

A) am/didn’t see B) have been/haven’t seen
C) will be/can’t have seen D) had been/don’t see
E) may be/couldn’t see

25- The manager ……… you have tomorrow off if you ……… typing those reports today.

A) let/had finished B) will let/might finish
C) has let/will finish D) had let/are finishing
E) might let/finish

26- ……. unless all sides strictly obey the conditions.

A) The new peace plan will certainly succeed
B) The talks would not have been a success
C) One of the groups boycotted the talks and another left in
D) There is no chance of the peace plan succeeding
E) There do not seem to be any problems with the new plan

27- ……….. but by the time the first snow fell, she couldn’t fit into any of them.

A) Janice has decided to buy an expensive leather and fur jacket
B) Melanie bought tons of new winter clothes at the sales in May
C) Annette rented three post-office boxes for her business
D) Lucy picked up a second-hand encyclopedia at the library sale
E) Maggie’s father owned three holiday houses near the ski resort

28- ……. until people realize that public transport is much more efficient than travelling by car.

A) Traffic problems will continue to get worse
B) Nowadays commuters have to sit in traffic jams for hours
C) In spite of all the new roads, traffic problems have not
D) No one could go anywhere since the traffic was barely moving E) We’re living in an age of car mania

29- Though I was ultimately unsuccessful, at least, I met a lot of interesting people ……. .

A) when tens or hundreds apply for a single position
B) that I didn’t know unemployment was so widespread
C) which may soon leave me short of money
D) while i was looking for a job
E) were waiting for interviews as well

30- She decided not to have any lunch

A) while sitting there, swallowing the sandwiches she’d brought
from home
B) skipping meals, however, is not advised by dieticians
C) as she wanted to have a big appetite for the special dinner
D) though she was supposed to be dieting very strictly
E) when she has a lot of customers to deal with

31- The main reason that so many people want to emigrate to Britain is ……. .
A) since the end of the British Empire
B) when they were actively recruited during the labour shortage
in the 1950s
C) as they sometimes encounter racism and discrimination
D) that some even left the opportunities in their own countries
E) to take advantage of the economic opportunities available

32- While there are a number of good reasons for studying a foreign language,
A) many companies want their employees to speak a second
B) few working people can find the time to study one properly
C) everyone should try their best to learn at least one foreign
D) people who can’t speak a second language are at a
E) the most successful students tend to be the ones who want to
communicate most
33- …….. many people like living in London regardless of the weather.

A) Because of all the cultural activities available
B) Since it’s wet and gloomy for most of the time
C) Unless they were satisfied with the standard of living there
D) Had they lived in the country for a long time
E) Rarely does one encounter a city so brimming with cultural

34- As soon as I walked into the room, ……. .

A) I could sense that they had been arguing
B) people were behaving very strangely
C) she turns around and walks back out of the door
D) for there was a certain atmosphere that was unmistakable
E) it’s the special feeling 1 have always associated with the place

35.-37. soruları verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

At the turn of the century, the European powers were hard at work attempting to claim as much land in Africa as possible. Britain’s General Kitchner had pushed through the gates of Khartoum, and French troops were fighting Moroccans resisting them. A hundred years later, the possessors of the past have come and gone, and the continent is unfettered from colonialism. It has been a long and painful march to freedom. The African people have been weighed down beneath the yoke of historical circumstance and traumatized by some 400 years of a slave trade, which only ended around 1850. Yet for better or for worse, Africa is finally its own master.

35- The passage makes it clear that a century ago, ……. .

A) Africans achieved freedom by holding protest marches
B) Khartoum won a major victory against Britain’s General
C) Africa was still mostly unknown to Europeans
D) Europeans were trying to conquer as much of Africa as they
E) General Kitchner fought against the French in Africa

36- The word “unfettered” probably means

A) being held as a slave by another country
B) being forced to march from one place to another
C) traumatic historic circumstances
D) the colonisation of a nation by a stronger one
E) to be set free from some control or restraint

37- The author states that ……. .

A) all will be well for Africa now that the colonial powers have
B) the British and the French should never have left Africa
C) Africans had to struggle hard for their independence
D) Africa’s history provides a firm foundation for the steady
growth of its nations
E) most nations in Africa are still ruled by European countries

38.-40. soruları verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

For hundreds of years, the nomadic Sami reindeer herders of Sweden have taken their animals to the lowland snow forests over winter and spent the summer in the high Arctic. However, the timber companies are now excluding them from their winter grazing. The animals survive the cold and snow by grazing on tree lichens but the forest owners claim that the reindeer damage their property by breaking the tops off the young trees, and are using the courts to try to evict them. The Sami community, on the other hand, say that every village has its own forest areas where they have been taking their reindeer for hundreds of years, since before the settlers arrived from the south. However, the Sami have no written language and cannot prove their rights in court as they have no documents.

38- The conflict described in the passage

A) has been building up over many hundreds of years and has
now reached a peak
B) has arisen between the traditional inhabitants of the area and
the timber industry
C) could be avoided if the Sami were prepared to remain in their
native land
D) is about the Sami’s use of certain mountain forests which they
do not own
E) has only recently arisen because of ecological changes in the
disputed area

39- The Sami’s reindeer ……… .

A) depend on trees for their nourishment during winter
B) have lived permanently in the forests for centuries
C) need the forests m order to shelter from the snow
D) especially like eating the tops of young trees
E) live in the nearby Sami villages when not in the forest

40- The Sami say that their claim to grazing rights in the forests is based on ……. .

A) legal papers which the Sami will produce in court
B) the fact that they bought the forests many years ago
C) documents which have unfortunately been lost
D) the fact that they were using the land before anyone else
E) the forest areas being very close to the Sami’s own villages

41.-43. soruları verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

Born in 1898, Paul Robeson was the son of a runaway slave. He was the only black student to try out for the Rutgers University football team. In response, the other players beat him up and pulled out his fingernails. He bore the abuse to prove his worth. He not only graduated at the top of his class, but had been an Ail-American, the top honour for a university football player, twice. Within four years after graduation, he was one of the best-known actors and singers in the United States. Yet because he was a black man with strong political beliefs, he was forced to spend much of his life in England, and when he did return to the United States, his passport was taken away.

41- We understand from the passage that

A) Paul Robeson was bom as a slave
B) the other players on the Rutgers University football team were
all white
C) the Rutgers University football team was the best in the
D) Paul Robeson was the only black student at Rutgers
E) Paul Robeson abused the other players on the football team

42- It is obvious from the passage that Paul Robeson …… .

A) had few talents besides playing football
B) was a man of many talents
C) was a determined but not particularly good football player
D) was highly respected in England
E) was a good athlete but an academic failure

43- The passage tells us that, in his football life, Robeson ……. .

A) was only able to play against other university teams a few
B) failed to accomplish much due to the pressure from white
C) was rarely given the chance to play in major competitions
D) was physically tortured by the other players in his team many
E) was chosen the best university football player twice

44.-46. soruları verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

Touring the monuments to Thailand’s past will take the traveller to all parts of the country. Just a short distance west of Bangkok, for example, stands Phra Pathom Chedi, the world’s tallest Buddhist monument. Travel a little further west and an episode of more recent history is recalled at Kachanaburi, site of the infamous bridge over the River Kwai. In contrast, northeast Thailand offers a glimpse of the ancient Khmer civilisation with a number of extremely well-preserved temple ruins, which rank as the finest surviving Khmer monuments to be seen outside of Cambodia. Elsewhere, ancient cities and venerable temples bear witness to the kingdom of Lanna, founded in the late 13th century in northern Thailand, while in the south traces of the Srivajaya kingdom survive as testament to one of the most influential of the pre-Thai civilisations.

44- We can conclude from the passage that

A) the best reason to visit Thailand is to relax on its beautiful
B) the Bridge on the River Kwai is one of the oldest monuments
in Thailand
C) most of the historical monuments in -Thailand are
concentrated in a small area
D) anyone who loves history should enjoy a visit to Thailand
E) Thailand has been an isolated country throughout most of its

45- Part of the passage implies that ……. .

A) the “Khmer” civilisation was probably centred in the country
today called Cambodia
B) the world’s tallest monument is in Thailand
C) many historical buildings in Thailand are not well-preserved
D) there are world-class facilities for tourists everywhere in
E) Cambodia has a better-developed tourist industry than

46- It’s clear from the passage that the monuments in Thailand …… .

A) belong to the same period of the nation’s history
B) are all within easy reach from the capital
C) are scattered all over the country
D) are all from pre-Thai civilisations
E) attract millions of tourists to the country every year

47.-49. soruları verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

In a land famous for loving ail creatures great and small, one of the smallest — the bat — is not at all popular in some historic churches. The furry flying mammals, which are strictly protected by British law, like to bring up their little offspring in the ceilings of old churches. But they can make a terrible mess of the inside of a church, and have caused irreparable damage to rare medieval paintings, carvings, and brasswork. The leader of the Movement Against Bats in Churches was quoted as saying, “Our heritage itself is an endangered species when bats move into churches and use them as public lavatories day and night.”

47- According to the passage, one of the greatest dangers to Britain’s medieval churches is ……. .

A) the air currents caused by flying bats
B) baby bats playing in the ceilings of churches
C) the ignorance of people using their lavatories
D) damage caused by the waste products of bats
E) public lavatories located near churches

48- It is clear from the passage that…… .

A) British people love all animals, except for bats
B) there is a law against keeping bats as pets
C) bats are the most popular animals in Britain
D) the damage caused by bats is easily repaired
E) the law forbids any disturbance to bats

49- The passage states that Britain is .well-known for ……. .

A) making its heritage an endangered species
B) its attitude toward furry flying mammals
C) a unique pressure group known as the Movement against Bats
in Churches
D) making messes inside its historical churches
E) being extremely fond of animals of all sorts

50.-52. soruları verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

Babies whose mothers smoke during pregnancy could be at higher risk of growing up to be criminals, new research suggests. This is the first study to examine the relationship between mothers who smoke and their children’s adult behaviour. The findings were based on data for 4,169 males born in Copenhagen between September 1959 and December 1961. Their arrest records at age 34 were studied. It was discovered that the number of cigarettes their mothers had smoked during the last third of their pregnancy affected the men’s arrests for both violent and non-violent crimes. This was true even when other possible causesT such as use of alcohol, divorce, income, and home environment had been taken into consideration.

50- The main idea of the passage is that…..

A) smoking during pregnancy increases the possibility of the
child committing crimes in adult life
B) pregnant women who smoke should be regarded as criminals
and be punished
C) 4.169 males were born in Copenhagen between the years 1959
and 1961
D) most criminals are heavy smokers
E) most of the men at age 34 in Copenhagen have arrest records

51- The research mentioned in the passage ……. .

A) concentrated on the effects of smoking before and after
B) was a repetition of several previous studies, which were
C) mainly dealt with the adult behaviour of the children of
smoking mothers
D) worked with smoking mothers below the age of 34
E) studied only the last third of a mother’s pregnancy

52- From the passage, we can say that the researchers were careful because……….

A) they monitored the lives of their subjects from birth to age 34
B) they chose subjects who had only committed minor crimes
C) all men born between September 1959 and December 1961
were studied
D) other possible causes of crime were also considered
E) they studied so many men from so many different countries

53.-60. sorularda verilen Türkçe cümlenin İngilizce dengini bulunuz.

53- Eski Yunanlılar kuvarsın, buzun sürekli katı hale dönüşmüş başka bir biçimi olduğunu düşünüyorlardı.

A) Because it resemles ice, but is permanently solid, ancient
Greeks thought that quartz was a. form of ice.
B) Ancient Greeks thought that quartz was another form of ice
that had become permanently solid.
C) In ancient Greece, quartz was considered to be a permanently
solid form of ice.
D) Quartz was used by the ancient Greeks, who thought it was
permanently solid ice.
E) The permanently solid rock quartz, which resembles ice, is
thought to have been discovered by the ancient Greeks.

54- Aşıların yardımıyla insanoğlu, pek çok öldürücü ya da sakat bırakan hastalığa karşı kendini koruyabilmiştir.

A) Thanks to the help of vaccines, many of the previously deadly
and crippling diseases no longer threaten humanity.
B) Humans have protected themselves from many deadly and
crippling diseases using vaccines.
C) With the help of vaccines, humanity has been able to protect
itself against many deadly or crippling diseases.
D) The fact that vaccines can prevent many deadly and crippling
diseases has helped mankind.
E) Humans can be protected against many deadly and crippling
diseases with the help of vaccines.

55- Dışa dönük bir kişiliği olduğu için, nereye gitse kolayca arkadaş edinebiliyor.

A) Her ability to make friends wherever she goes is a result of her
outgoing personality.
B) She makes friends quite easily with whomever she meets
thanks to her outgoing personality.
C) Her outgoing personality enables her to make friends no
matter where she is.
D) She has such an outgoing personality that she makes friends
easily wherever she is.
E) As she has an outgoing personality, she can easily make
friends wherever she goes.

56- Ansızın kayıplara kansan yaşlı adama ne olduğunu belki de hiçbir zaman öğrenemeyeceğiz.

A) Quite unexpectedly, the old man disappeared without trace, so
it is likely that we will never know what happened to him.
B) Having disappeared into thin air quite unexpectedly, the old
man will probably never be heard of again.
C) The old man’s disappearance without trace, which was quite
unexpected, has left us wondering what happened to him.
D) We’ll probably never know what happened to the old man,
who vanished into thin air quite unexpectedly.
E) We don’t know what happened to the old man because he
vanished into thin air quite unexpectedly.

57- Her zaman çok iyi anlaşıyorlarmış gibi görünen üç kardeş arasında, babalarının servetini bölüşürken büyük bir kavga çıktı.

A) As they were distributing their father’s fortune, a big fight
arose between the three brothers, who had always seemed to be getting on very well.
B) The three brothers, who had always get on very well, started
fighting over to distribution of their father’s fortune.
C) There was a fierce fight between the three brothers, who
normally get on well, over the distribution of their father’s fortune.
D) The father was distributing his fortune to the three brothers,
who don’t get on well, when they started fighting.
E) They were distributing their father’s fortune, when the three
brothers, who normally got on very well with each other, began to fight.

58- İkinci kitabıyla yazar, birincisiyle yakaladığı ünü, pekiştirdi.

A) With his second book, the author solidified the reputation he’d
achieved with his first one.
B) The author’s second book was even more successful than his
first one.
C) The reputation the author had gained with his first book was
strengthened by his second one.
D) With his first book, the author had achieved a reputation,
which he solidified with his next one.
E) Having achieved a reputation with his first book, the author
decided to strengthen it with a second one.

59- Seralarda kullanılan camın kalınlığı, bölgedeki hava koşullarına bağlıdır.

A) The thickness of the glass used for a greenhouse is determined
by the weather conditions of the area.
B) The colder the average temperature in an area, the thicker the
glass used in greenhouses is.
C) The thickness of the glass used in greenhouses depends on the
weather conditions in the area.
D) Greenhouses are built using different thicknesses of glass,
depending on the climate of an area.
E) It is the weather conditions of an area which determines the
thickness of glass required for a greenhouse.

60- Bitkilerle hayvanlar arasında önemli bir ayrım, bitki büyümesinin çoğunun, hücre bölünmesinden çok, hücrenin büyüklüğünün artması biçiminde olmasıdır.

A) The fact that most plants grow by increasing the size of their
cells distinguishes them from animals, which grow using cell division,
B) An important distinction between plants and animals is that
much of plant growth occurs by increase in cell size rather than by cell division.
C) Plants can be distinguished from animals by the way they
grow, which is by an increase in cell size, as opposed to, cell division.
D) The way plants grow, which is by an increase in cell size
rather than by cell division, provides the most important distinction between them and animals.
E) The most important distinction between plants and animals is
that most plants grow by an expansion in cell size, whereas animals grow by cell division.

61.-66. sorularda parçada boş bırakılan yere uygun düşen ifadeyi bulunuz.

61- Medicine has been described as an art that makes use of all the sciences. Its purpose is to maintain the body in good health, to relieve pain, mend injury, and help prolong life. …….. . When we are ill, however, we know that we can get expert treatment from our doctots or specialists.

A) In some countries people commonly suffer from diseases that
have long been controlled or eradicated in the West
B) Some surgical techniques which we think of as modern were
in fact practised by the ancient Egyptians
C) This is perhaps why there is so much controversy today over
euthanasia, or “mercy killing”
D) Today most of us take our health for granted, and if we are
young, we probably never think about being ill
E) Its development has led to greater life expectancies in most
parts of the world

62- Radiocarbon dating works by measuring an object for an element called carbon 14, traces of which are contained in all organic substances. …….. . This is possible because, although the amount present in living organisms rema: ,s nearly constant, when animals and plants die, their level of carbon 14 begins to decrease at a known, fixed rate. Thus the amount of remaining carbon 14 in an object provides a measurement of its age.

A) When it was used on the Turin shroud, supposedly dating
from the time of Jesus, it was found to date only from the 13th century
B) Certain religious fundamentalists do not accept radiocarbon
dating because it shows the world to be older than they believe it to be
C) Archeologists use radiocarbon dating to discover the age of
ancient items
D) Wood from the bristlecone pine has been used to correct the
carbon 14 dating system
E) Scientists must be very careful in choosing their samples for
radiocarbon dating

63- As anyone who follows rugby football knows, the game in South Africa is hard fought and tough. During the apartheid era, it was the whites-only Springboks, the national team, probably more than any other South African institution, which came to symbolise a divided society. …….. . After the Springboks defeated New Zealand in the World Cup final in 1995, South Africa’s blacks cheered instead of jeered, and a jubilant Nelson Mandela even wore one of the green and gold Springbok jerseys, once so symbolic of white supremacy.

A) Now a game enjoyed equally by blacks and whites, rugby has
helped with the country s reconciliation
B) For much of the apartheid era. South Africa was under an
international sports boycott
C) Cricket is another sport that few blacks in South Africa have
played at international level
D) Today some of the worst officials of the apartheid era are
having to answer for their crimes
E) Considering the small population of the islands, Samoa
produces a remarkable number of good rugby players

64- …….. . The pessimists complain that the computer revolution has gone about as far as it can go. They argue that tht size of the atom — and the electrons that surround it — puts a limit on how many transistors can be squeezed onto the surface of a silicone chip. The optimists believe that chips will keep getting smaller and faster at a predictable rate, traditionally a doubling of capacity every 18 months. Because the optimists have been right, the computer industry has been extremely successful.

A) There are optimists and pessimists in all walks of life
B) Computer engineers speak a language that no one else can
C) Originally there were many different kinds of computer
operating systems, but now two types dominate the industry
D) Computer scientists tend to fall into two camps: the optimists
and the pessimists
E) No one, not even the optimists, predicted the computer
revolution of the late 20th century

65- Speaking in public may he more than just terrifying. The stress may be deadly. A new US study has found that people whose hearts show ominous signs of poor circulation during such mental challenges face triple the usual risk of death in the years to come. Often people with bad hearts suffer chest pain during physical exertion. The reason for this is obvious. …….. . Over the past decade, however, it has become clear that mental exertion can also overwork the heart, although often without pain.

A) People with high risk factors should have regular checkups
B) Smoking is another risk factor for heart patients
C) This creates a problem since it is important that heart patients
get an appropriate amount of exercise
D) Their clogged arteries cannot supply enough blood to their
heart muscle
E) Everyone who has ever had to give a speech has probably
suffered from a certain amount of nervousness

66- Globally, tuberculosis is among the biggest killers of young people and adults. In India, half a million people die from the disease each year. ……… when India adopted a strategy known as DOTS, or “directly observed treatment strategy” to combat the disease. DOTS involves an intensive system of monitoring and supervision which tracks the diagnosis, progress and outcome of every patient treated.

A) One reason is that homes often have no chimneys as a way to
conserve heat
B) However, the death rate has come down dramatically since the
C) In Japan, tuberculosis has always been considered an
extremely romantic way to die
D) A chest X-ray can reveal spots, or dots on the lungs, which are
an early symptom of tuberculosis
E) A new strategy can bring down the death rate quite
67-74. sorularda verilen İngilizce cümlenin Türkçe dengini bulunuz.

67- This medicine does not have any side-effects provided you do not exceed the dosage prescribed by the doctor.

A) Bu ilacın herhangi bir yan etkisi yok ama yine de doktorun
tavsiye ettiği dozajı aşmamak gerekir.
B) Etkili olmasını istiyorsan, bu ilacı mutlaka doktorun söylediği
dozaja göre almalısın.
C) Doktorun verdiği dozajı aştığın takdirde bu ilacın bazı yan
etkileri olabilir.
D) Hiçbir yan etkisi olmayan ilaçlan bile, doktorun verdiği dozajı
aşmayacak şekilde almalısın.
E) Doktor tarafından verilen dozajı aşmadığın sürece bu ilacın
hiçbir yan etkisi yoktur.

68- Obviously, the Chairman’s contradictory statements aroused discontent among the members.

A) Öyle görünüyor ki, başkanın çelişkili açıklamaları bazı üyeleri
rahatsız etti.
B) Üyeler arasındaki tedirginliğin başkanın çelişkili
açıklamalarından kaynaklandığı çok açık.
C) Belli ki başkanın çelişkili açıklamaları üyeler arasında
hoşnutsuzluk yarattı.
D) Başkanın çelişkili açıklamaları üzerine üyeler
hoşnutsuzluklarını belli ettiler.
E) Başkanın çelişkili açıklamalarının üyeler arasında
hoşnutsuzluk yaratacağı belliydi.

69- It must be a great pleasure to work in an office with such a nice view.

A) Çalışmaktan zevk alması için insanın böyle güzel manzaralı
bir bürosunun olması gerekir.
B) Bu kadar güzel manzarası olan bir büroda herhalde zevkle
C) Böyle güzel manzaralı bir bürosu olan biri zevkle çalışıyordur. D) Bu kadar güzel manzaralı bir büroda çalışmak çok zevkli
E) Böyle güzel manzaralı bir bürosu olduğu için zevkle çalışıyor

70- In order for the digestive system to function properly, nutritionists advise eating plenty of fibrous foods.

A) Beslenme uzmanları, bol lifli besinler yeterli miktarda
tüketildiği takdirde sindirim sisteminin düzenli çalışacağını vurguluyorlar.
B) Beslenme uzmanlarına göre, sindirim sisteminin düzenli
çalışması, bol miktarda lifli besin alınmasına bağlıdır.
C) Beslenme uzmanlarının tavsiyelerine göre, sindirim sisteminin
düzenli çalışması için bol bol lifli besin yemek gerekir.
D) Beslenme uzmanları, bol lifli besin alınmadığı takdirde
sindirim sisteminin düzenli çalışamayacağım söylüyorlar,
E) Beslenme uzmanları, sindirim sisteminin düzenli çalışması
için bol miktarda lifli besin yemeyi tavsiye ediyorlar.

71- I had told you that it would be a waste of time trying to dissuade him from his decision.

A) Onu kararından vazgeçirmeye çalışmanın zaman kaybı
olacağını ben size söylemiştim.
B) Ben, onu kararından vazgeçirmeye çalışmanın zaman kaybı
olacağını biliyordum.
C) Daha önce size söylediğim gibi, onu kararından vazgeçirmeye
çalışmakla sadece zaman kaybettiniz.
D) Söylediğim gibi, onu kararından vazgeçirmek için bir sürü
zaman harcadınız ama o bildiğini yaptı.
E) Zamanınızı boşa harcamak istemiyorsanız, onu kararından
vazgeçirmeye çalışmayın.

72- You’ve made a mistake getting into a lot of debt by buying a car before you’ve found a steady job.

A) En büyük yanlışı, düzenli bir işe girmeden araba alıp borç
altına girmekle yaptın.
B) Düzenli bir işe girmeden araba alıp borçlanırsan, çok büyük
hata yapmış olursun.
C) Yanlış olan araba alman değil, düzenli bir iş sahibi olmadan
borca girmendi.
D) Yanlış yapmak istemiyorsan, düzenli bir iş bulmadan araba
alıp borçlanmamalısın.
E) Düzenli bir iş bulmadan, araba alıp bir sürü borç altına
girmekle hata ettin.

73- Technology has reduced the effects of natural catastrophes such as famines and floods.

A) Kıtlık ve sel gibi doğal afetlerin etkileri, teknolojinin
yardımıyla çok aza indirilebilir.
B) Teknoloji ilerledikçe, kıtlık ve sel gibi doğal afetler daha az
etkili olmaktadır.
C) Kıtlık ve sel gibi doğal afetlerin daha az etkili olması için
teknolojiden yararlanmak gerekir.
D) Teknoloji, kıtlık ve sel gibi doğal afetlerin etkilerini
E) Teknolojinin ilerlemesiyle birlikte, kıtlık ve sel gibi doğal
afetler daha az etkili olmaya başlamıştır.

74- To become truly expert at sailing requires patience, endurance and good judgement.

A) Usta bir yelkencinin, sadece iyi bir muhakeme gücüne sahip
olması yetmez, sabırlı ve dayanıklı da olmak gerekir.
B) Yelkencilikte tam anlamıyla usta olmak, sabır, dayanıklılık ve
iyi bir muhakeme gücü gerektirmektedir.
C) Tam anlamıyla ustalaşmış bir yelkenci, sabırlı, dayanıklı ve iyi
bir muhakeme gücüne sahip biridir.
D) Sabırlı, dayanıklı ve iyi bir muhakeme gücüne sahip biri
yelkencilikte kısa sürede tam anlamıyla ustalaşabilir.
E) Tam anlamıyla usta bir yelkenci olmanın temel gerekleri sabır,
dayanıklılık ve iyi bir muhakeme gücüdür.

75-81. sorularda verilen durumda söylenebilecek sözü bulunuz

75- You have been offered a job at a small firm which at first seems quite attractive. Just as you are about to accept, a large and well-known multi-national firm offers you a job with a higher salary and better conditions. Having decided to work for the larger firm, you call the smaller one and, careful not to offend, say:

A) I’m sorry, but you just don’t pay enough.
B) I don’t think there is any future with a little company like
yours, so I’m going to work at a better place.
C) Thank you for the offer, but I’ve decided to take a job with
more opportunities for foreign travel.
D) Can’t you reconsider? I’m sure I would be just the right person
for you.
E) The trouble with your company is that you just don’t think big

76- You are proud of the new mobile phone your father has bought for you. You are showing it off at university when another friend comes up to you and shows you his phone, which is smaller, more advanced, and twice as expensive. A little disappointed that his is superior to yours, but still content with your phone, you confirm this by saying:

A) Yours really is the latest technology, but I’m quite happy with
mine. It does everything I need it to do.
B) That’s exactly what I wanted, but my father was not generous
enough to buy it for me.
C) I wouldn’t have accepted this from my father if I had known it
was completely out of date.
D) What a waste of money! You’re just trying to show off.
E) When I tell my dad, I bet he’ll buy me an even better one!

77- While on holiday in England, you want a photograph of you and your friend taken in front of Buckingham Palace, where the Queen lives. Security is quite tight, however, and you are not sure if it is possible to take photographs. Also, since only the two of you are together, you need a third person, so seeing a friendly-looking policeman, you ask politely:

A) Excuse me, do you know the way to Buckingham Palace?
B) If it is allowed, could you take a photograph of us in front of
the palace, please?
C) If the Queen comes out, do you think we could have our
picture taken with her?
D) Why are there so many police here today? Has there been
E) England is really nice, isn’t it? Have you been here long?

78- A friend who loves to gossip phones you to tell you a story about your best friend, Mabel. It is quite a scandalous story, and even if it is true, you do not want to know about it. Trying to stop her before she gets too far into the tale, you say abruptly:
A) I’ve never heard anything so horrible. I can’t believe Mabel
would do such a thing,
B) Oh, it’s getting even more interesting. Go on.
C) Look, Mabel is my best friend. If she hasn’t told me herself,
I’m sure it’s none of my business.
D) How did you find that out? She never said a word to me.
E) Poor Mabel! I never suspected she had a secret like that, and
now I regret listening to you.

79- One of your teachers has lent you a valuable CD-ROM to help you study for an important exam. He particularly asked you to look after it. You, however, lent it to a friend who is taking the same exam. Your friend has lost it. Now your teacher has asked you to return it. Trying to cover up and play for time, in the hope that your friend will find it, you say:
A) It wasn’t really that important, was it?
B) I lent it to somebody, and he seems to have lost it. How silly
of him!
C) It’s so useful that I was wondering if I could buy it from you.
D) Here you are. Thank you for lending it to me.
E) Could I just keep it for a couple more days? It’s really useful.

80- Sophie and Mark have been married for 15 years. One day Mark is at his office, and when he looks at the calendar, he realises that his wife’s birthday was, the 10th May, the day before. Now he realises why she was behaving so strangely at breakfast. After wondering what to do, he finally hits upon a desperate plan and decides to pretend that he thinks today is, in fact, the 10th. When he gets home that night, he gives her a bouquet of roses and says cheerfully:
A) Happy birthday Darling. I’ve reserved a table at our favourite
restaurant, so get ready.
B) When you have been married as long as we have, you can’t
remember everything. Was your birthday the 10th or the 11th?
C) It’s silly of you to be angry. After all, it’s only a birthday.
D) This is the first time in all the years we have been married that
I forgot your birthday.
E) You’re getting so old that I knew you wouldn’t want me to
remember your birthday any more.

81- Your boss asks you to take some work home. Looking at the amount of work he has given you, you know that you will be up most of the night. He has been doing this a lot lately and you feel you are being exploited. Wanting to let him know in no uncertain terms how you feel, you summon up your courage and say as sternly as you can:
A) I think you’re taking advantage of me. expecting me to work
so hard without extra pay.
B) Thanks, I was wondering what I was going to do with myself
all night.
C) I’m really worried that my wife might be upset that you are
making me work so hard.
D) Oh no, not tonight. It’s my daughter’s birthday and we’re
having a party for her and her friends.
E) Are you free for a drink after work since we’re not so busy
these days?
82-87. sorularda verilen cümleye anlamca en yakın olan seçeneği bulunuz.

82- It’s out of the question that I’ll lend her my lecture notes again.

A) There is some doubt as to whether she will be able to lend me
her lecture notes another time.
B) I questioned whether I should have lent her my lecture notes
once more.
C) Under no circumstances can she borrow my lecture notes any
D) Under these circumstances, I should tell her that 1 don’t want
to give her my lecture notes.
E) Even if I lend her my lecture notes now, it’s questionable
whether I will do it again.

83- In spite of large amounts of foreign aid and the advice of foreign experts, the project was a disaster.

A) The disaster relief project succeeded due to large amounts of
aid and expertise from abroad.
B) The foreign know-how combined with foreign money
prevented the project from becoming a disaster.
C) Financial assistance and expertise from abroad were not
enough to prevent the failure of the project.
D) The disastrous project might have been saved by more foreign
aid and expertise.
E) Foreign experts insured that the foreign aid money was spent
wisely on the project.

84- The way I handled the situation did not call for such heavy criticism.

A) I didn’t receive any criticism because of the way I handled the
B) My handling of the call was criticised heavily because of the
bad situation it created.
C) I was not called to deal with the situation because it was
known that I would be critical.
D) The situation was not handled well, so I was called to the
office to deal with it.
E) l didn’t deserve to be criticised so severely because of my
method of dealing with the situation.

85- Unless the builders speed up, we won’t be able to move into the flat next week.

A) The builders have to move out so that we can move into our
new flat next week.
B) We would not have been able to move into the flat if the
builders had not speeded up.
C) The flat should be ready by next week because the builders
have decided to hurry up.
D) Our flat won’t be ready for us to move in next week if the
builders keep working at this rate.
E) If the builders help us with the moving, we can move into the
flat next week.

86- We might have misunderstood him when we thought he said he was coming home to live with us.

A) He is coming home to live with us because of some sort of
B) Though he said he was coming home to live with us, he later
said we misunderstood him.
C) We hope that we did not misunderstand what he said about
coming home to live with us.
D) Though we thought we would enjoy having him back home, a
lot of misunderstandings resulted.
E) We understood him to say he was coming home to live with
us, but he could have said something else

87- After colonisation of the New World by Europeans, foods such as potatoes and chilli peppers were eaten for the first time in Europe.

A) Certain foods, like potatoes and chilli peppers, were not
known in Europe prior to the European settlement of the Americas.
B) A number of foods such as potatoes and chilli peppers were
introduced to the New World by Europeans.
C) The use of potatoes and chilli peppers in Europe pre-dates the
European discovery of the New World.
D) Were it not for such valuable food items as potatoes and chilli
peppers, the New World might never have been discovered.
E) One of the main reasons for the colonisation of the Americas
was the need to diversify the European diet with new foods, like potatoes and chilli peppers.

88-94. sorularda anlam bakımından parçaya uygun olmayan cümleyi bulunuz.

88- (I) There are lot of natural solutions to environmental problems. (II) High-tech methods are always the best. (III) For example, a farmer can grow rape seed in his fields and then make his own fuel by extracting the oil with a cheap press. (IV) After this extraction, the waste stalks and husks can be piled up, and microbes can be used to do the clean-up work, an old practice in Germany and other countries. (V) This process, known as composting, can convert organic wastes into fertilizer.

A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

89- (I) Radical change in Japan’s modern history has come about only twice, (II) The first was in 1853, when Commodore Matthew Perry sailed his “Black Ships” into Tokyo Harbour and forced the country to abandon 250 years of isolation. (Ill) The second upheaval came about with the country’s defeat in World War II, (IV) The policy of Isolation followed by the Chinese government led to similar sudden and traumatic changes. (V) In both cases, Japan would have been far better off, had it been able to change before being compelled to do so.

A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

90- (I) The Wampanoag are a tribe of Indians who originally inhabited 30 villages around Narragansett Bay. (II) Their chief at the time, Massasoit, welcomed the British and remained at peace with them until his death in 1661. (III) Because of the tribe’s suffering, including epidemics of disease, however, his son waged a war against the settlers, which resulted in the virtual extermination of his tribe. (IV) Nevertheless, one village has retained its identity until the present day. (V) Similarly, the Picunche of South America are now extinct as an ethnic population, having been absorbed into Spanish colonial society.

A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

91- (I) Airways are bands of airspace 16 kilometres wide, along which commercial aircraft are separated from each other by air traffic controllers on the ground. (II) In the 1980s, American air traffic controllers attempted a strike, which resulted in the strikers losing their jobs. (Ill) On busy airways, such as those in western Europe, this separation is achieved using radar, which gives the controller a picture of all the aircraft in his area. (IV) With newer systems, the flight number and altitude of the aircraft are also displayed. (V) The controller is also in communication with his military counterpart to arrange clearance for military aircraft to cross the civilian airways clear of other craft.

A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

92- (I) The Earth, together with its satellite, the Moon, moves around the Sun at the rate of one complete circuit every 365 1 /4 days. (II) It is because this period of rotation is not exactly 365 days that every four years we need to have a leap year of 366 days. (Ill) The Muslim world uses a lunar calendar for its religious festivals, which means they come about ten days earlier each year. (IV) The Earth also spins around on its axis, making one complete revolution every 24 hours. (V) This spinning causes our days and nights: half the Earth faces the Sun and receives daylight while the other half faces away and is in darkness.

A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

93- (I) Man’s first true flight was achieved in a hot-air balloon, (II) The balloon was built in 1783 by two Frenchmen. (III) The first flight by a motor-driven aircraft was by Orville Wright in 1904. (IV) Recently, balloons have begun to fascinate people again. (V) In March, 1999, a British pilot named Brian Jones, and a Swiss doctor named Bertrand Piccard completed the first round-the-world trip in a balloon.

A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

94-100. sorularda karşılıklı konuşmanın boş bırakılan bölümünde söylenmiş olabilecek sözü bulunuz.

94- Anthony: How was your trip to New York?
Janice: It was terrific. Everyone says it is dangerous, but we didn’t see any violence, and the only people we saw with guns were the police.
Anthony: ………
Janice: Oh, you should really.

A) That’s what I thought. 1 bet you’re sorry that you went there.
B) Yes, I suppose that could be quite terrifying.
C) If I were you, next time I’d go somewhere safer.
D) I’ve always been afraid to go there, but maybe I’ll try it
E) Actually, I’m terrified of flying myself.

95- Terry: What’s happened to Alice? She hasn’t been to school for ages.
Roger: ………
Terry: I’m glad to hear she’s continuing her education and not letting the money go to her head.

A) It’s really sad. She couldn’t pay her fees, so she has had to take
a full time job as a waitress.
B) Haven’t you heard? She married a millionaire, and transferred
to the University of Southern California.
C) She won the lottery, so she decided to quit school and move to
D) It seems her family has serious financial problems, so she has
had to go back and help them out.
E) She says she wants to continue her education somewhere where it doesn’t cost so much money.

96- Lily: Have you heard about the new exercise classes at the community centre?
Joanne: Yes, they have aerobics three nights a week, but I can’t go because I’m working nights.
Lily: ………
Joanne: I think they do, but I’m so tired that I can’t get up until noon.

A) Don’t they have any morning classes?
B) That sounds terrible. You must be really tired in the mornings.
C) I’m looking for a job too. Do they have any vacancies?
D) I’m going to start next week. Do you want to come along?
E) Don’t they have a day shift, so you could work more social

97- Maurice: Since next week is a holiday, why don’t we ask the boss if we can leave early today?
Tom: Do you really think that’s a good idea? He’s been on the war-path since we lost that big contract.
Maurice: ………
Tom: Oh, I wouldn’t like to create a similar situation, so let’s forget about your suggestion then.

A) So let’s ask him. I’m sure he’ll agree.
B) Of course I think it’s a good idea. I wouldn’t have suggested it
C) It will be really nice to start the holiday early, even if it is only
a few hours.
D) That was your fault. Why should it concern me?
E) Maybe you’re right. He yelled at his secretary for no reason
this morning.

98- Amy: ………
Lucy: There is a new place that just opened near my house. I
haven’t got the number, but I can stop by and make an appointment for you.
Amy: Could you? Any afternoon would be okay. Are they expensive?
Lucy: I’m afraid so, but they make you look so good I think they
are worth it.

A) I feel awful. Do you know of any good doctors?
B) I’m getting headaches when I read these days. Do you know
of a good optician?
C) I’m looking for a good vet for my cat. Do you know where I
can find one?
D) That’s a really nice dress. Where did you buy it?
E) Your hair looks fantastic. Where did you have it done as î
need to go myself?

99- Lisa: Have you seen the film that won all the Oscars?
Naomi: Yes. I loved the costumes and the acting, but I thought the story was silly.
Lisa: ……..
Naomi: Oh, I didn’t know that our tastes were so different.

A) I’ll have to see it myself and decide.
B) Really? I thought the acting was terrible, but the story was
C) I agree. I don’t know how such a dumb screenplay could ever
be written.
D) Obviously, some agreed with you since the film got both best
actress and best supporting actress.
E) I agree about the story, but it was so well-filmed that I think
I’ll go and see it again.

100- Alex: I’m glad the elections are almost over. It’s been so noisy.
James: ………
Alex: Sorry, but I never discuss politics.
James: Actually, you may be right. Sorry that I asked.

A) I’m so fed up with all of them that I’m not even going to vote.
B) Really? I enjoy all the noise and excitement.
C) I agree. Who are you going to vote for?
D) Do you think you are going to win? Your opponent looks
quite strong.
E) I haven’t yet decided which party I’ll vote for.

Cevap Anahtarı:

l.E 2.D 3.D 4.C 5.B 6.A 7.E 8.C 9.A 10.D
11.B 12.E 13.E 14.D 15.C 16.A 17.B 18.C 19.C 20.E
21.A 22.C 23.D 24.B 25.E 26.D 27.B 28.A 29.D 30.C
31.E 32.B 33.A 34.A 35.D 36.E 37.C 38.B 39.A 4O.D
41.B 42.B 43.E 44.D 45.A 46.C 47.D 48.E 49.E SO.A
51.C 52.D 53.B 54.C 55.E 56.D 57.A 58.A 59.C 6O.B
61.D 62.C 63.A 64.D 65.D 66.B 67.E 68.C 69.D 70.E
71.A 72.E 73.D 74.B 75.C 76.A 77.B 78.C 79.E 80.A
81.A 82.C 83.C 84.E 85.D 86.E 87.A 88.B 89.D 90.E
91.B 92.C 93.C 94.D 95.B 96.A 97.E 98.E 99.B 10O.C

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