1-25. sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düsen kelime ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

1- Though he liked the place enough to stay several days longer, the news that he was needed in the office prevented him from ……. his travel arrangements.

A) recognising B) permitting C) admitting
D) consulting E) altering

2- The negotiations were a complete failure as each side kept accusing the other of ……. the peace process.

A) encountering B) volunteering C) indicating
D) undermining E) overcoming

3- He deserves to be proud of his accomplishments considering the ……. of his early life.

A) hardship B) abundance C) flexibility
D) presence E) attendance

4- Though I was upset that my daughter had broken my antique vase, I could not be too angry with her since I knew she hadn’t done it ……… .

A) absolutely B) intentionally C) reluctantly
D) satisfactorily E) awkwardly

5- It rained …….. throughout our holiday in Hawaii, so we
came back rather frustrated.

A) exclusively B) instantly C) constantly
D) enormously E) adequately

6- After the flood, there was ……. damage to both crops and

A) favourable B) detailed C) irritated
D) extensive E) incapable

7- I was only going away for two months, but my mother cried as she saw me off, …….. she would never see me

A) even if B) since C) before
D) as though E) despite

8- Though everyone tells him he should be more careful, my uncle insists on going out sailing ……. what the
weather conditions are.

A) even if B) no matter C) although
D) however E) therefore

9- We should really set out now; ……… it will be dark when
we get there.

A) otherwise B) whereas C) in addition to
D) thus E) in case

10-…… the fact that the journey took over seven hours, the
tourists were all keen to explore the minute they arrived.

A) While B) Because C) During
D) Until E) Despite

11- It was just ……. curiosity that I asked her ……. the meeting.
I didn’t have any other intentions.

A) with/through B) out of/about C) for/into
D) from/for E) off/out
12- The increasing availability of guns and poisons is largely responsible …… the extermination ……. many species.

A) with/in B) for/of C) over/for
D) about/with E) at/among

13- I’ve heard that our company is being …….. by a larger one. I hope we don’t lose our jobs!

A) picked up B) put off C) turned down
D) taken over E) held on

14- It seems to be always the poorest people ……. homes are destroyed whenever there is any kind of natural disaster.

A) which B) where C) whose
D) whom E)that

15- Starring …… actors in the country didn’t prevent the film from
being a failure.

A) so well B) as good C) better
D) too well E) the best

16- He doesn’t try ……. to develop a close relationship with his

A) so hard B) such a hard C) hard enough
D) harder than E) as hard

17-I don’t understand the point of your learning ……. Japanese if you never expect to visit …….. country.

A) —/the B) the/a C) a/some
D) any/any E) some/—

18- I’m afraid ……. of her parents seems to support her in this

A) neither B) both C) all –
D) none E) every

19- You never believed that she would recover her stolen jewellery, …….?

A) would she B) did you C) wouldn’t you
D) hadn’t she E) didn’t you

20- The way he ……. so promptly shows he ……. that the police
were on the way to his hideout.

A) had escaped/was warning
B) was escaping/would be warned
C) has escaped/has warned
D) escaped/had been warned
E) would escape/is being warned

21- Recently, it……. that the human race ……. in Africa.

A) was discovered/has been originating
B) is discovered/was originating
C) has been discovered/originated
D) had discovered/would have originated
E) was discovering/had originated

22- No one ……. exactly what the Second World War cost in the
number of people killed, crippled and wounded because many nations ……. their losses accurately.
A) has known/won’t have counted
B) was known/hadn’t counted
C) knew/needn’t have counted
D) will be known/can’t have counted
E) knows/couldn’t count
23- In France, as in other European countries, wine production and marketing processes ……. strictly ……. by the government to assure consistent high quality.

A) have/regulated B) are/regulated
C) have been/regulating D) were/regulating
E) will have/regulated

24- As far as I know, Jim Hawkins ……. a real person but the
main character in a novel which ……. more than a hundred years ago.

A) can’t be/has been written
B) hasn’t been/had written
C) wasn’t/was writing
D) isn’t/was written
E) shouldn’t be/has been writing

25- I …… you if I …… the meeting would take so long.

A) had phoned/might have known
B) was phoning/were to know
C) must have phoned/knew
D) would have phoned/had known
E) will be phoning/have known

26-34. sorularda yarım bırakılan cümleyi uygun şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.

26- ……. when driving for long distances on a motorway.

A) Make sure you take occasional rest stops
B) You can arrive at your destination quicker than taking the back roads
C) On Sundays there are lots of cars along the Bosphorus
D) People who drive down the centre lane at low speed
E) A lot of young people return to university at certain
times of the year

27- ……. , melting ice will cause sea levels to rise, flooding
many coastal regions.

A) By the time something was done about the situation
B) If only we had listened to the weather forecast
C) Unless drastic action is taken to halt global warming
D) While attempting to understand the greenhouse effect E) Since drought continues to cause concern in many parts
of the world

28- It is quite clear from the evidence

A) because no one else knew so much about the victim’s habits
B) while he is trying to think of a reasonable defense
C) whether he actually did it is still the question we have to answer
D) though the police are trying to reach his accomplices in the robbery
E) that he is the only person who could have committed the crime

29- Due to the crime and pollution associated with city
centres, ……… .

A) everyone wants to live there for a better quality of life
B) it is not the nicest place for some people to live
C) there could be no better place for the new office block
D) they are no better than the slum areas though
E) more and more people are moving to the suburbs

30- In order to become competent in a foreign language, …….. .

A) is best achieved by marrying someone who speaks that
B) there are now far more language schools than there used to be
C) it is really necessary to live in a country where the language is spoken
D) whether you have the chance to use the language at work or not
E) requires patience and takes years of hard work and study

31- Although there is now more consumer choice than ever before, ……… .

A) it is certainly a result of mass-production, beginning with
the Industrial Revolution
B) many people do not seem as satisfied as they used to be
C) going shopping when things are on sale is so economical
D) it depends on whether you have enough capital or not
E) it might have been due to the unprecedented increase in

32- Despite the disadvantage of playing away from home in front of a hostile crowd, ……… .
A) our team put in one of their best performances of the season
B) they knew they’d never have a chance to wiri
C) we were rather late and were unable to get tickets
D) the players were a little demoralised, and couldn’t do their
E) I don’t have satellite TV, so I couldn’t watch the match

33- The cease-fire has now held for siz months, …….. .
A) so both sides still distrust one another
B) everyone is certain that the situation will soon be resolved
C) thus the relationship between the two countries has never been an easy one
D) when all the parties involved in the conflict had been in agreement
E) yet no one is ever sure what will happen from one day to the next

34-…….. the world has had to adjust to a new set of
international realities.
A) Until the outstanding events of the late 1980s
B) While several countries were undergoing a traumatic period
C) Ever since the break-up of the Soviet Union
D) After the peace conference, which is due to take place next month
E) Though there had been speculation about the state of the Prime Minister’s health

35-42. sorularda, verilen Türkçe cümlenin İngilizce dengini bulunuz

35- Takımın tek eksiğinin başarılı bir forvet olduğu konusunda hemen hemen tüm yönetim üyeleri hemfikir.
A) There is agreement among the majority of the
management that the team requires an accomplished forward to make it complete.
B) Almost all members of the management are in agreement
that the team’s only shortage is an accomplished forward.
C) The members of the management agreed that all the team really needs is a proficient forward.
D) The fact that the team lacks an accomplished forward has been admitted by most of the members of the management.
E) Agreeing that the team lacked a proficient forward, almost all the members of the management resolved to find one.
36- Yeni alınan koltuklara yer açmak için birkaç parça eşyayı eskiciye satmaya karar verdiler.

A) In order to make room for the newly-bought armchairs, they decided to sell a few items to the junk shop.
B) If they were to buy some new armchairs, they would have to sell some items to the junk shop to make room for them.
C) The newly-bought armchairs took up so much space that they decided to sell some items to the junk shop to make room for them.
D) Selling a few items to the junk shop made room for the new armchairs that they had decided to buy.
E) They decided to sell their old armchairs to the junk shop
to make room for some new ones.

37- Grip salgını yüzünden büroda çok az eleman olmasına rağmen, fazla mesai yaparak yeni siparişlerin hepsini karşılayabildik.

A) With the employees present at the office, we managed to send out all the new orders despite the flu epidemic, but we had to work overtime.
B) Despite the flu epidemic, which meant fewer employees at the office, we eventually delivered all the new orders by working overtime.
C) Although there were few employees at the office due to the flu epidemic, by working overtime, we were able to meet all the new orders.
D) While several employees were absent due to the flu epidemic, the remaining staff worked overtime to ensure that all the new orders were met.
E) Despite having fewer employees than normal at work due to the flu epidemic, the company was able to meet all its new orders.

38- Şu anda tartışmakta olduğumuz konunun toplantının esas
konusuyla hiç ilgili olmadığını sizlere hatırlatmak isterim.

A) I would like to recommend that we keep our discussion at the moment to issues related to the main topic of the meeting.
B) I want to remind you that what we’re discussing at the moment is not related to the main topic of the meeting at all.
C) At the moment, I would like to discuss something that
is not related to the main topic of our meeting at all.
D) I would just like to say that what you have brought up has nothing to do with the main topic we’re supposed to be discussing in the meeting.
E) I want to remind you that we are supposed to be discussing the main topic of the meeting at the moment and not these unrelated issues.

39- 1996’da yirmi yaşında yılın futbolcusu seçilen Ronaldo, bu
ödülü alan en genç futbolcu oldu.

A) Ronaldo gained recognition as the youngest player ever to receive the Footballer of the Year Award, which he won in 1996 at the age of twenty.
B) The footballer Ronaldo was chosen to receive the title of the Young Footballer of the Year Award in 1996, when he was just twenty years of age.
C) In 1996, when the footballer Ronaldo was only twenty years old, he won the Footballer of the Year Award, being the youngest player ever to do so.
D) Having been chosen the footballer of the year in 1996 at the age of twenty, Ronaldo became the youngest player ever to receive this award.
E) Gaining the title of Footbteller of the Year in 1996, Ronaldo was the youngest player ever to do so as he was only twenty years old at the time.

40- Yol buzlu olduğu için yolcular şoförden yavaşlamasını
istediler ama o bu uyarıyı hiç dikkate almadı.

A) Taking no notice of the passengers’ warnings, the driver continued to drive above the speed limit despite the icy roads.
B) The driver refused to slow down despite persistent warnings from the passengers about the icy conditions.
C) The icy roads prompted the
passengers to ask the driver of the coach to slow down, but he totally ignored their warning.
D) Since the road was icy, the
passengers asked the driver to slow down, but he took no notice of this warning.
E) Even though the passengers wanted the driver to slow down because the road was icy, he didn’t notice this and continued to accelerate.

41- Yangın hızla binanın her tarafına yayıldı ve itfaiye geldiğinde tüm bina alevler içindeydi.

A) The rapidly spreading flames had consumed virtually the whole building by the time the fire fighters arrived to tackle them.
B) The fire had spread rapidly
throughout the building, and the flames had destroyed the entire building by the time the fire brigade put it out.
C) By the time the fire fighters arrived to tackle the fire, the flames were already too big to bring under control very quickly.
D) The fire grew so big in a very short time that, by the time the fire brigade arrived, the whole building was ablaze.
E) The fire spread rapidly throughout the building, and the whole building was in flames by the time the fire brigade turned up.

42- Kendilerini, nehir ya da okyanuslar kadar hızlı bir biçimde temizleyeme¬dikleri için göller kirliliğe karşı özellikle savunmasızdırlar.
A) Since they cannot cleanse themselves as rapidly as rivers or oceans, lakes are especially defenceless against pollution.
B) Defenceless against pollution, lakes are more prone to contamination than rivers or oceans, which can cleanse themselves more rapidly.
C) Lakes, which cannot cleanse themselves in the same way that rivers or oceans can, are particularly susceptible to pollution.
D) Because lakes are defenceless against pollution, they become unclean more rapidly than rivers or oceans, which are self-cleaning.
E) Unlike rivers or oceans, which can cleanse themselves quickly, lakes are more or less defenceless against contamination.

43-45. soruları verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.
Around 8000 B.C., agriculture was developed. People had never before eaten so well, and a population increase followed. But this also meant that people had to give up their free, nomadic life, and remain tied to a single place. It also meant hard labour. Nomadism did not disappear, of course. Those who retained the old wandering way of life continued to regard themselves as freer and more noble than settled peoples, whom they would often raid. These divisions and conflicts between nomad and settled farmer continue in many parts of Africa and Asia right up to the end of the 20th century.

43- The passage states that one result of the development of agriculture was that …… .
A) people didn’t have to work as hard as they used to
B) people began to make inventions
C) there was an improvement in people’s diet
D) nomadism gradually disappeared
E) people became less savage
44- It is clear from the passage that farming …… .

A) was invented after long periods of hard work
B) was regarded as too difficult by nomads
C) was best carried out by the people in Asia and Africa
D) also helped develop people’s way of thinking
E) prevented people from living as freely as before

45- From the information given in the passage, one can conclude that, in Africa and Asia …… .

A) the nomadic way of life has gained in popularity in the 20th century
B) agriculture started earlier than in other continents C) nomadism, which disappeared in ancient times, has
been revived in modern times
D) there are still people leading a nomadic way of life
E) nomads can find more to eat than settled farmers

46-48. soruları verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.
Around a quarter of all prescription drugs sold around the world are believed to be based on chemicals obtained from only forty plant species. So far, fewer than 1% of the world’s 265,000 flowering plants have been tested for their powers to cure. In the past few years, however, breakthroughs in computer technology, genetic engineering and other realms of biology have led to a “gold rush” to the rain forests and mountain ranges of the tropics, home to uncounted plant species. Here, scientists hope to profit from the traditional knowledge of tribes, which had previously been looked down on as “primitive” and “backward”.

46- From the figures in the passage, we learn that…… .
A) there are only about 2,650 known species of plant in the world
B) about 265,000 of the world’s flowering plants can be used as medicine
C) breakthroughs in technology have diminished the interest in plants with medicinal value
D) plants that can be used as medicines are worth more
than gold
E) around 25 percent of the world’s prescription drugs are

47- The passage tells us that tropical rain forests and mountain ranges of the tropics …….. .

A) have been destroyed by the natives
B) are a rich source of plants
C) own extremely rich gold mines
D) need to be protected from those rushing there for gold E) are home to 265,000 plant species

48- The aim of the scientists going to the rain forests and mountain ranges of the tropics is …….. .

A) to extract huge amounts of gold with the help of the natives
B) to find out about the traditional ways of life of the tribespeople
C) to get information from the natives about plants with medicinal value
D) to help the native peoples of the ref ion become civilised E) to become rich through the exploitation of the riches in
the region

49-51. soruları verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

Given its rich resources, large population and regional importance, Nigeria’s economic performance over the past decade can only be described as disappointing. Low investment and productivity levels, as well as poor infrastructure, have led to poor output. Political instability and a terrible human rights record have frightened off many potential foreign investors. However, a new government, and a package of economic measures including an exchange rate reform, may be able to put the nation on a path to recovery and growth.

49- The author of the passage does not believe that …… .

A) Nigeria is of great regional importance
B) the economic performance of the country is so bad
C) Nigeria’s present government can recover the country from its bad situation
D) inviting foreign investors to the country would be a good idea
E) Nigeria is characterised by political instability and a poor human rights record

50- The author’s comments about Nigeria can be best summarised as that…… .

A) Nigeria’s economy has great potential, but has been
B) in spite of sensible policies, Nigeria’s economy persists in performing badly
C) the state of Nigeria’s economy is hopeless
D) the most urgent thing Nigeria needs is a sensible family-planning
E) taking all factors into consideration, Nigeria is a perfect place for foreign investors

51- The main problem for the Nigerian economy has been ……..

A) an insensitive privatisation program
B) its poor resources, large population and regional importance
C) the widespread violation of human rights
D) a combination of factors resulting from bad government E) the recent package of economic measures including an
exchange rate reform

52-54. soruları verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.
Scientists have succeeded in making human volunteers immune to malaria by injecting them with genetic material. The breakthrough brings the prospect of a much-needed vaccine significantly closer. Malaria kills between one and two million people every year – mostly children and mostly in Africa – and makes a further 500 million people ill. The hunt for a vaccine has lasted for more than 20 years. Dr Stephen Huffman and his team of researchers have injected genes taken from the malarial microbe, which cannot cause the disease in themselves, into 20 volunteers, following successful tests on animals. The volunteers’ immune systems were found to be as good as those of people who have naturally contracted the infection through a mosquito bite and recovered.

52- The passage states that scientists ….

A) have just been successful In finding an effective vaccine against malaria
B) illegally carried out tests on more than 500 people
C) forced people to take part in their experiment to find a cure for malaria
D) have been looking for a way to protect people from malaria for
over two decades
E) have so far found approximately one million volunteers to
take part in their tests

53- The passage gives us the information that malaria …….. .

A) is fatal for more than 500 million people per year
B) mostly affects aged people who live in Africa
C) will soon be eliminated from the Earth due to this discovery
D) has spread to the rest of the world from Africa
E) is a disease transmitted by mosquitoes

54- According to the passage, if someone has contracted malaria and recovered from it, ………… .

A) he becomes naturally immune to the disease
B) it’s quite likely that he will suffer some permanent ailments
C) it is regarded as a miracle even by the scientists
D) he will never be bitten by mosquitoes again
E) he should be vaccinated against the disease without delay

55-57. soruları verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.
According to a survey conducted between 1985 and 1995, there were fewer girls than boys in schools world-wide. In the 51 countries with the most significant gap, 75 million fewer girls than boys were enrolled in school. Afghanistan and Pakistan saw the greatest increases in the gap over the ten-year period, in spite of the survey being conducted before the fundamentalist Islamic Taliban militia came to power. On the other hand, a number of Middle Eastern countries, including Iran, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, have made the biggest strides towards closing the education gap.

55- In the 51 countries with the largest gender gap in education, ……. .
A) the feminist movement has made significant gains in recent years
B) the number of girls attending school was gradually decreasing
C) male students outnumbered female students by 75 million
D) the gap between educated men and women was diminishing
E) the number of females enrolled in school was only 75

56- We understand from the passage that the survey …….. .

A) was carried out in 51 countries
B) reflects the educational states of the countries over a ten-year period
C) did not include any of the Western countries
D) was conducted under great difficulty in certain
E) is repeated every ten years

57- From the implication in the passage about Islamic Taliban militia, we can conclude that ……… .

A) Pakistan must have achieved equality in education
B) they give girls less chance to attend school
C) they came to power using force
D) they must have stopped the survey of their educational
E) Pakistani people must be too busy to spend time on
improving their education

58-60. sorulan verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

If the Nobel Peace Prize were awarded for actually securing peace, many of those who have received it would have to give it back. For example, in 1994 Yasir Arafat, Yitsak Rabin, and Shimon Peres received the prize jointly, though years later Palestinians and Israelis are still fighting. Mikhail Gorbachev, who received the Prize in 1990, dissolved the Soviet Union, but left the Russian economy in collapse and its people in chaos. One of the more notorious awards went to Henry Kissinger and Le Due Tho, who negotiated a cease-fire to end the Vietnam War. The war went on for two more years, and Le Due Tho, though not Kissinger, was honest enough to decline the award.

58- What is emphasised in the passage is that the Nobel Peace Prize …….. .

A) is frequently given to people who have not actually attained peace
B) has mostly been given to someone from a Western country
C) has to be given to a different person each year
D) has, in several cases, brought about the end of bloody
E) is always given to people who have brought about peace

59- It is clear from the passage that….. .

A) corruption is involved in awarding the Nobel Peace Prize
B) all the people who have received the Prize should give it back
C) the end of the Soviet Union has proved beneficial for the rest of the world
D) the Nobel Peace Prize can be given to more than one
person in the same year
E) the award has led to a new understanding between
Israelis and Palestinians

60- The author believes that some of those who were awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize ……… .

A) had, in fact, worked for their own good, not for world peace
B) returned the Prize when they were involved in a war in later years
C) had, in the first place, started the wars themselves
D) did not actually deserve it
E) were not even politicians

61-68. sorularda, verilen İngilizce’ cümlenin Türkçe dengini bulunuz.

61- His proposal is basically the same as yours, except for the sources from which he will receive funding.

A) Finansmanı sağlayacağı kaynaklar dışında onun önerisi seninkiyle temelde aynı.
B) Temel olarak onun önerisinin seninkinden farkı, finansmanı sağlayacağı kaynaklardır.
C) Aslında ikinizin önerisi birbirine çok benziyor ancak o finansmanı farklı kaynaklardan sağlıyor.
D) Hangi kaynaklardan finansman sağlanacağı konusu hariç, ikinizin önerisi birbirine çok benziyor.
E)Finansmanı hangi kaynaklardan elde edeceğini belirtmemiş ama önerisi esas itibarıyla seninkinin aynısı.

62- Because of the contradictory explanations made by the
authorities, no one could quite understand the cause of the explosion.

A)Yetkililer patlamanın nedeni konusunda o kadar çelişkili açıklamalar yaptılar ki gerçek nedeni henüz kimse anlayamadı.
B)Yetkililerce yapılan çelişkili açıklamalara göre, patlama-
nın kimler tarafından gerçekleştirildiği tam olarak anlaşılamadı.
C)Kimse patlamanın nedenini kesin olarak bilmiyor çünkü yetkililerin bu konudaki açıklamaları çok çelişkili.
D)Patlamanın nedenini kimse kesin olarak öğrenemedi çünkü yetkililerin yaptığı açıklamalar birbiriyle çelişiyor.
E)Yetkililer tarafından yapılan çelişkili açıklamalar yüzünden kimse patlamanın nedenini tam olarak anlayamadı.

63- He displayed such an aggressive attitude that he left the
referee with no other choice but to disqualify him.

A) Onun oyun sırasındaki saldırgan tavırları karşısında hakemin onu dışarı atmaktan başka çaresi yoktu.
B) O kadar saldırgan bir tavır sergiledi ki hakeme, onu dışarı atmaktan başka bir seçenek bırakmadı.
C) Sonunda hakem dayanamayıp onu oyundan attı çünkü çok saldırgan bir tutum sergiliyordu.
D) Oyuncu kendisine karşı saldırgan bir tutum
sergileyince, hakem çareyi onu dışarı atmakta buldu. E) Onun oyun boyunca sergilediği saldırgan tutumu
değerlendirince, hakemin tek seçeneği onu oyundan atmaktı.

64- She became more and more impatient as days went by and wondered why they still hadn’t replied to her application.
A) Artık sabrı taşmaya başlamıştı çünkü günler geçtiği halde hala başvurusuna bir yanıt vermemişlerdi.
B) Her geçen günle birlikte sabrı tükeniyor, başvurusuna gönderecekleri yanıtı merakla bekliyordu.
C) Başvurusunun dikkate alınıp alınmadığını merak
ediyordu çünkü sabırla beklediği yanıt hala gelmemişti.
D) Günler geçtikçe daha da sabırsızlanıyor, başvurusuna
neden hala yanıt vermediklerini merak ediyordu.
E) Günlerini başvurusuna gönderilecek yanıtı bekleyerek
geçiriyor, yanıtın gelmesi geciktikçe de sabırsızlanıyordu.

65- Whenever I hear this song, I always remember the summer holidays I spent on my uncle’s farm as a child.
A) Bu şarkı, çocukken amcamın çiftliğinde geçirdiğim yaz
tatilleriyle ilgili olarak hatırımda kalan tek şeydir.
B) Her dinlediğimde bu şarkı bana, çocukken amcamın çiftliğinde geçirdiğim yaz tatillerini hatırlatıyor.
C) Çocukluğumdan hatırımda kalan bu şarkıyı yaz tatili için amcamın çiftliğine gittiğimde çok dinlerdik.
D) Bu şarkıyı ne zaman duysam, hep çocukken amcamın çiftliğinde geçirdiğim yaz tatillerini hatırlarım.
E) Hatırladığım kadarıyla bu şarkıyı ilk kez çocukken yaz tatili için amcamın çiftliğine gittiğimde duymuştum.

66- I’ll stick to my promise and take you to the cinema even though I hate horror films.
A) Korku filmlerinden nefret etmeme rağmen sözümü tutup seni sinemaya götüreceğim.
B) Korku filmlerim hiç sevmediğim halde seni sinemaya götüreceğim çünkü söz verdim.
C) Korku filmlerini hiç sevmiyorum ama sözüme sadık kalıp seni sinemaya götürmek zorundayım.
D) Korku filmlerinden nefret ettiğimi bile bile, sırf söz verdiğim için, seni sinemaya götürmemi istiyorsun.
E) Seni sinemaya götüreceğime dair verdiğim sözü bozuyorum çünkü korku filmlerinden nefret ederim.
67- Few inventions in recent times have influenced daily life so profoundly as the electronic calculator.
A) Son zamanların en önemli birkaç buluşundan biri olan elektronik hesap makinalarının etkisi günlük yaşamın her alanında hissedilmektedir.
B) Son zamanlarda, günlük yaşamı direk etkilemiş çok az buluştan biri de elektronik hesap makinalardır.
C) Son zamanların en büyük buluşu, günlük yaşamın her alanına işlemiş olan elektronik hesap makinalardır.
D) Son zamanlarda yapılan çok az buluş günlük yaşamı elektronik hesap makinaları kadar derinden etkilemiştir.
E) Çok az buluş, elektronik hesap makinalarının son zamanlardaki durumu gibi günlük yaşamın her alanına işlemiştir.

68- By converting electric energy into microwave energy, microwave ovens heat or cook foods very quickly.
A) Yemekleri çok çabuk ısıtması ya da pişirmesiyle bilinen mikrodalga fırınlar, elektrik enerjisini mikrodalga enerjisine dönüştürür.
B) Yiyecekler, elektrik enerjisini mikrodalga enerjisine
dönüştüren mikrodalga fırınlarda çok çabuk pişer.
C)Mikrodalga fırınlar, elektrik enerjisini mikrodalga enerjisine dönüştürerek, yiyecekleri çok çabuk ısıtır ya da pişirirler.
D)Yiyeceklerin en hızlı biçimde ısınması ya da pişmesi, elektrik enerjisini mikrodalga enerjisine dönüştüren mikrodalga fırınlarla sağlanır.
E)Mikrodalga fırınlar, elektrik enerjisini mikrodalga enerjisine dönüştürdüğü için yiyeceklerin çok çabuk pişmesini sağlarlar.

69-74. sorularda, parçada boş bırakılan yere uygun düşen ifadeyi bulunuz.
69- If we think of the Neanderthal man at all, we tend to think of an ape-like creature, ugly and low in intelligence. In fact this distant ancestor of ours was more intelligent and accomplished than is generally acknowledged. He made tools such as stone knives, flint balls and scrapers that were not only useful, but beautiful. It was also the Neanderthal man who first developed the use of mineral colours, the first signs of mankind’s inherent artistic sense. …….. . This suggests that there were the beginnings of a complex religious system.
A) Some of their paintings were scenes of hunting and other aspects of daily life
B) Remains of these early humans were first found in 1856 in the Neander Valley in Germany
C) These factors point out just how skilled materially this underrated ancestor of ours actually was
D) Neanderthal settlements continued to exist side by side with later groups such as the Cro-magnon man
E) Perhaps most surprising is the ceremonial way in which the dead were buried

70-……… because, after centuries of scientific stagnation, there
were suddenly a number of new inventions and discoveries. It was early in the century, for example, that Galileo perfected the telescope and reported on his observations of the heavenly bodies. Still early in the century, William Harvey discovered the way in which blood circulates in humans and other animals. But possibly the greatest scientist of the century was Isaac Newton, who discovered the laws of gravity and those governing physics and light.
A) It Is impossible to imagine astronomy without the telescope
B) The individual inventive effort of past years is now largely replaced by organised research
C) It was not until the invention of the steam engine that Industrial Revolution became a real possibility
D) For the scientist, seventeenth century Europe must have
been an exciting time and place
E) Many of the “discoveries” that the West took credit for
had long been known to the Arabs
71- In most traditional societies, nothing goes to waste. For example, some nomadic societies live almost entirely on the products of their animals. They burn the dried dung for fuel, drink the milk, clothe themselves in the hides and furs, and eat the meat. …….. . One of the more shocking
statistics is that every five years, the average westerner throws away an amount of waste equal to the weight of the Statue of Liberty.

A) Some extreme environmentalists feel that we should all go back to living in that way
B) By contrast, in western consumer-oriented societies, sometimes more is thrown away than is used
C) Furthermore, since they are always on the move, they are careful not to over-use the land
D) In spite of this way of life that is in harmony with nature, nomads are being forced to settle down in many countries
E)On the other hand, most of today’s societies manufacture almost everything they use

72-……… for his father spoke only English. Gaelic was James’s
mother tongue. English always felt flat and harsh, like daylight after night-fishing, but his mother made sure he was as proficient as a little prince, for they were part of the British Empire and he had his way to make.
A) Like his father, James spoke a number of languages, including Gaelic and French
B) It used to make his father angry when James and his mother spoke Gaelic together
C) When it came to the ability for speaking languages,
James took after his father
D) In colonial Nova Scotia, which was settled by Scots,
Gaelic was the local language
E) When James was angry at his mother, he used to speak
in Gaelic to his father

73- The social scientist Talcott Parsons developed the “Role-Model Theory”, which meant a boy would follow his father for his role model, while a girl would follow her mother. It soon became apparent, however, that this theory was inadequate. In the 1970s, for example, when young girls whose mothers were doctors were surveyed, they would often declare that doctors were boys and nurses were girls. ……… . These examples showed that most children looked outside the home for their role models.

A) On the other hand, most radical feminists seemed to have mothers who were housewives
B) Often such outrageous figures as Madonna become role models
C) Socially most people are members of a group they perceive as “family”
D) Children inherit two separate bloodlines at birth — the mother’s and the father’s
E) In contrast, all boys wanted to be just like their fathers

74- As far as mankind is concerned, the zebra is one of the most useless animals in existence. ……… . Though they run wild and have much the same diet as edible animals like the eland and gazelle, their meat tastes too awful to be eaten. Though their stripped hide is beautiful to look at, it is not strong or durable enough to be put to any use.

A) While the zebra lives in Africa, there is a similar animal, in the Tibetan Plateau
B) Horses, on the other hand, have been domesticated since before recorded history
C) They are shaped like donkeys, but refuse to be trained, and simply will not work
D) Since all zoos have zebras, everyone knows what they
look like
E) Even so, they are a big tourist attraction in the game
parks of Africa
75.-80. Sorularda anlam bakımından parçaya uygun olmayan cümleyi bulunuz.

75- (I) In 1901 Marconi achieved a dramatic success when he
transmitted signals across the Atlantic Ocean by wireless. (II) Other scientists had thought this impossible, believing that radio waves traveled only in straight lines. (Ill) At first, radio was called “wireless” because it could transmit signals without wire circuits. (IV) Marconi, however, thought that the long waves he used would follow the curves of the Earth. (V) This was proved when, on December 12th, 1901, he received signals in St. John’s, Newfoundland, sent from a transmitter in Poldhu at the southwestern tip of England.

A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

76- (I) The petrochemical industry has given us a number of synthetic materials to help us in our household chores. (II) Natural sponges from the sea have actually been used since prehistoric times, when people who lived along the seashore traded them for food and forest products from inland. (III) The ancient Greeks used them for scrubbing floors, and for padding their armour. (IV) In Roman times sponges were used as mops, and also as paint brushes. (V) Today the natural sponge is probably more useful than ever, being used for everything from washing cars to applying face cream.

A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

77- (I) The variety of home appliances has greatly increased during the 20th century, (II) Originally only a few simple utensils, such as pots and pans, stoves, cutlery and ice boxes were found in the home. (III) Home appliances were designed to ease the work load in the home after the disappearance of domestic servants. (IV) They were wage-earners, who were often accommodated in the house and allowed to go out only on their off days. (V) Many, like vacuum cleaners, were developed for their labour-saving capabilities, while others were devised for their convenience.

A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

78- (I) When full-scale civil war broke out in Bosnia, even the experts seemed taken by surprise, (II) The capital, Sarajevo, was best known to most people as the place where the Winter Olympics had been held. (III) It was seen as only another of the fifty or more wars taking place in another obscure and backward part of the world. (IV) Reporters tended to call it either an “uprising” or a “revolt”. (V) These were their patronising terms for a war of no importance.

A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

79- (I) Gourmet chefs complain that multi-national companies
have steadily reduced the world’s varieties of foods. (II) For example, in India at the turn of the century there were 30,000 varieties of rice. (III) Now there are only twelve.
(IV) It must also be remembered that India was a British colony at the time. (V) Consumers are partly responsible, as they want convenience, speed and lower prices, and so often play into the hands of the multi-nationals.

A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

8O- (I) At one time, the heirs to the throne of Ethiopia were confined to mountain tops that were nearly inaccessible, (II) The mountains of Ethiopia used to be some of the most spectacular in the world. (III) This was to keep them from challenging their father or quarrelling with one another. (IV) Everything they wanted was provided, except freedom. (V) When the king died, one of them was selected as his successor.

A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V
81-87. sorularda, verilen durumda söylenebilecek sözü bulunuz.

81- You have been trying to get a job, but cannot find anything you consider suitable. Though you have been offered work at fast-food restaurants, you would rather wait until you can find a job with a good salary where you can use your qualifications. Your parents have always been hard-workers, and they think you are simply wasting your time. Trying to reassure them, you say:

A) There is a really good job on the other side of town serving hamburgers. I think I’ll take it, as you are not well-off these days.
B) The economic situation is terrible. I don’t think I’ll ever find a job as well-paid as I expected.
C) With times so hard, I’m really glad I’ve got you to take care of me.
D) Life was easy when you were younger. You just don’t
know what “it’s like these days.
E) Everybody has trouble finding a job these days, but the ones who are patient seem to succeed in the end.

82- One of your best friends badly needs money, so he is trying to sell his car. You have ridden in the car and you know that it is in bad condition. You wouldn’t want the car even if it was free. He asks you, rather desperately, if you would like to buy it. Not wanting to hurt his feelings, but not wanting the car either, you say to him:
A) No way! That car is rubbish, and I’m not interested in that make of car either.
B) It’s a little more than I can afford. Do you think you could reduce the price a little?
C) I’m sorry, but I really don’t know what I would do with a car.
D) Why don’t you borrow some money from the bank if you need it that badly?
E) You can’t sell this car to anyone but to a junk dealer.

83- You have been looking forward to a holiday in Rome for years and have read a large number of books about Roman history. On the day you arrive, you take a tour of the city, and are disturbed that the guide knows much less than you do. When he begins giving complete misinfor¬mation, you lose patience, turn to the person next to you and say:
A) I’m really enjoying this tour, especially with such an
efficient tour guide.
B) When I get home, I’m going to write a book about this city.
C) I’m having a really good time because the way this guide gives us the information is so funny.
D) Some of what he says is utterly wrong. Anyone who’s
read a bit about the city can judge this.
E) I’d been looking forward to this trip for. years, and now I
realise it was just a waste of time.

84- You are working as a journalist for a local newspaper. A famous politician is coming to your town to open a new school. Normally you would not get to interview him, but the senior journalist is ill. The editor asks if you would like to conduct an interview, but because you are so young, he tells you not to ask any controversial questions. You see a chance to further your career, so you enthusiastically accept, saying:
A) Leave it to me. I bet he’ll regret ever having come to our city!
B) I’m not really sure if I can handle such an important interview, but I’ll try.
C) If there is no one else, I suppose I can try, but don’t expect much.
D) The government has a lot of problems right now. I’ll ask some very hard questions.
E) Don’t worry, and trust me. I won’t let you down.
85- You’ve been working extremely hard for quite a while and you and your family are really looking forward to your holiday. The week before you’re scheduled to depart, your boss tells you that you will have to wait six months as an important job has come up. You decide that you cannot sacrifice your holiday, so you go into your boss’s office and say firmly:

A) I refuse to work without holidays unless you increase my salary by at least 25%.
B) Mr Wilson, I don’t mind working hard, but I need some time with my family.
C) If you want me to choose between my job and my family, Mr Kane, I’m all yours.
D) I bought these plane tickets and now it’s too late to return them.
E) I just wanted to say have a good holiday and I’ll see you in a couple of weeks.

86- George loves Saturday afternoons. He usually sits around reading the newspaper or a book, eating snacks, and listening to music. The rest of the week he works or devotes himself to his family, but these few hours are all his own. He is just settling into his favourite armchair when his wife’s mother phones. Her car has broken down and she wants him to come and pick her up and see if he can fix it. He is extremely irritated, but trying to avoid hurting her, he suggests something that will save his afternoon and solve her problem:

A) Can’t you wait until evening? You know how important Saturday afternoons are to me.
B) Where did you say you were? It sounds like a place I’ve always wanted to visit.
C) I’m always glad to help out, Mother, no matter when. I’ll be there as soon as I can.
D) Oh all right, I’D be right there if you insist.
E) I’ll phone a garage for you near where you are. I’m sure
they’ll do a better job than me.

87- About a month ago, your watch went missing, and you can only assume it was stolen. It belonged to your grandmother, so it was quite unusual and easily recognisable. One day you are at a bus stop and you see a woman wearing a watch that looks exactly like it. She does not look like a thief, but it is possible that she could have bought the watch not knowing it was stolen. Not wishing to offend, but anxious to have the watch back, you approach her and say as inoffensively as you can:

A) That’s a nice watch. I had one just like it, but it was stolen about a month ago. Could I ask where you got it?
B) I’m sorry, but I seem to have lost my watch. Do you think you could tell me the time?
C) Excuse me, but haven’t we met somewhere before? I
think it was at a shop selling antique watches.
D) I see you are interested in antique watches, Madam. Could you tell me where you got that one as I want to buy one too?
E) I think you are wearing my grandmother’s watch. You
don’t look like a thief, but I’m sure that’s mine.

88-93. sorularda, verilen cümleye : anlamca en yakın olan seçeneği bulunuz.

88- I only know him very little; otherwise, I could ask for his help.
A) I only needed little help, so I preferred not to ask him.
B) Though I would like to ask him for help, he is known to be a difficult person to speak to.
C) I can’t ask him for help because I hardly know him.
D) If I didn’t know him so well, I would ask him for help.
E) It is so hard to do this that I can’t finish it without his
89- It was a bad idea for us to invite Tracy and Tony at the same time.

A) We should never have Tracy and Tony over here together.
B) We should have asked Tracy and Tony to come at different times.
C) Tracy and Tony can’t stand each other, so we ought to invite them separately.
D) Tracy and Tony are angry that we didn’t invite them
E) We couldn’t have given an invitation to both Tracy and

90- For me, not many things are as pleasant as watching a
sunset at sea after a whole day’s sailing.

A) In my opinion, nothing is so wonderful as sailing a boat
and then watching the sunset.
B) I find few things more enjoyable than a sunset far from land after sailing a boat all day.
C) As an experienced sailor, I can predict the weather by the colour of the sunset.
D) The time I like sailing a boat best is just before the sun
E) Whenever I spend the whole day at sea sailing, I look
forward to sunset in the harbour.

91- It was not until after the meeting that I realised I had not discussed all the points I had wanted to.

A) I’d planned to talk about more things at the meeting than I actually did, but I only noticed this when the meeting was over.
B) Though we discussed everything I wanted to, we did not reach conclusions on everything at the end of the meeting.
C) The meeting adjourned without discussing any of the points I had wanted to talk about.
D) I kept trying to bring up more points at the meeting, but there was just not enough time to discuss everything.
E) I carefully planned all the points I would bring up during the meeting, but some of them were not included on the agenda by the others.

92- The college is quite prestigious considering that it was
only founded ten years ago.

A) The college was founded by some prestigious people ten years ago.
B) The college has raised several well-known people since its
founding ten years ago.
C) When considering a college, prestige is more important than age.
D) For a college that is only ten years old, it has a surprisingly
good reputation.
E) Ten years ago, when the college was established, no one
knew what to expect of it.

93- We started the final ascent to the summit after we had taken a brief pause for rest.

A) We were all too tired to continue the ascent without taking a long rest.
B) Though we were just below the summit, we could no longer climb, and so we decided to take a rest.
C) We took a short rest before trying to climb to the top of the mountain.
D) It was still quite a long way to the summit, which meant we would have to stop for a rest.
E) We stopped briefly and decided on our strategy for the rest of our climb.

94-100. sorularda, karşılıklı konuşmanın boş bırakılan bölümünde söylenmiş olabilecek sözü bulunuz.
94- Mother: My son, as you can see, has red spots and a high fever.
Doctor: ………..
Mother: Oh, thank you Doctor. I always feel so safe with
A) All children get sick from time to time. You’ve just overreacted by bringing him here.
B) I hope you haven’t sent him to school like that. He should be in bed.
C) I don’t know what it might be, but it certainly looks serious.
D) It looks like measles, but I’ll examine him just to make sure. E) I don’t think there is much wrong with him. You can send
him back to school tomorrow.

95- Hilary: You never talk to me any more.
Jon: …….
Hilary: I said you never talk to me any more. And you never listen to anything I say either!
Jon: Well, you may be right, but it is not entirely my fault. Every time I try to talk, you succeed in turning it into an argument!

A) Well, I’m trying to finish this book as I have to return it to the library tomorrow.
B) Oh, have you had a nice day? My day at the office was really tiring.
C) I’m sorry. Did you say something?
D) That’s true, but I just don’t have anything to say to you.
E) Can’t you see how busy I’ve been in the office lately?

96- Sally: That was a lovely dinner,
Sarah. You must give me the recipe.
Sally: You’re joking! I had no idea he was so talented.
A) I’m glad you liked it. It’s one of Fred’s favourites as well.
B) I don’t use recipes, f just make things up as I go along.
C) I’m surprised you left so much. I’ll have to feed the leftovers to the dog.
D) You may not find the ingredients here. Fred brought them back from his trip to Japan.
E) Oh. I didn’t cook it. Fred did all the cooking tonight.

97- Frances: Hello Wallace, hi Margarette. How nice of you to come and meet us!
Wallace: ………..
Frances: That’s what we’ve heard. We really appreciate it. It must be wonderful to have so much free time after years of hard work!
A) I didn’t really want to come, but my wife insisted.
B) Our son is getting married, and we’ve brought you an invitation to their wedding.
C) We know you get lost wherever you go, so we thought we’d better look after you.
D) Well, your house is a long way from the airport, and it can
be confusing for newcomers.
E) We often meet friends these days. We are enjoying our
newly-acquired retirement.

98- Officer: May I see your passport, please?
Traveller: Yes, here you are.
Officer: ………..
Traveller: Impossible! I’m sure there must be some mistake!
A) Your passport will expire in about a month. Don’t forget to get a new one, or youT. get into trouble.
B) Thank you, Sir. Have a nice stay. I hope >ou’ll like our country.
C) You haven’t got a visa. You can get one from the desk just over there.
D) I’m afraid this passport looks suspicious, Sir. Could you
just come with me for a moment?
E) How long are you planning to stay? Is it a business trip or a holiday?
99- Betty: Have you seen this ad?
Freida: Yes. I phoned them an hour ago, and I’m just
waiting for them to phone back.
Betty: ………..
Freida: I should, actually. There aren’t many people
with my qualifications.

A) Well, I hope you get it. It’s just the right one for you.
B) It’s really cheap. I hope you phoned in time.
C) If you are lucky enough to get it, could I borrow it sometimes?
D) I think it’s a waste of time. There are so many dishonest
people advertising.
E) Just think! A free hairdo and a day out in London for
the lucky person.

100- Policeman: Hello, Police Department.
Caller: ………..
Policeman: We’ll do everything we can, but you must
calm down first and describe
her to us.
Caller: Thank you, I’ll try.

A) Someone has just stolen my car. It’s a beautiful, brand new car, and worth $25,000!
B) Our dog is gone and we’re afraid someone has stolen him. He’s a very valuable dog, so someone might want to sell him.
C) My wife has been missing since this morning. She left for the shops and hasn’t come back. I don’t know what to do.
D) We’ve just come home and found our house burgled. They only took the valuable things, especially our paintings.
E) Our daughter didn’t come home last night. She’s about five feet tall with short, blonde hair and blue eyes.

Cevap Anahtarı:

l.E 2.D 3.A 4.B 5.C 6.D 7.D 8.B 9.A 10.E
ll.B 12.B 13.D 14.C 15.E 16.C 17.A 18.A 19.B 20.D
21.C 22.E 23.B 24.D 25.D 26.A 27.C 28.E 29.E 30.C
31.B 32.A 33.E 34.C 35.B 36.A 37.C 38.B 39.D 40.D
41.E 42.A 43.C 44.E 45.D 46.E 47.B 48.C 49.C 5O.A
51.D 52.D 53.E 54.A 55.C 56.B 57.B 58.A 59.D 60.D
61.A 62.E 63.B 64.D 65.D 66.A 67.D 68.C 69.E 70.D
71.B 72.B 73.A 74.C 75.C 76.A 77.D 78.B 79.D 80.B
81.E 82.C 83.D 84.E 85.B 86.E 87.A 88.C 89.B 90.B
91.A 92.D 93.C 94.D 95.C 96.E 97.E 98.D 99.A 10O.C

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