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General English Test-20

381. I am tired of ______ books

a. to read
b. to reading
c. read
d. reading

382. I would have gone there if I _________ .

a. slept
b. didn’t sleep
c. hadn’t sleep
d. hadn’t slept

383. He has a nickel and three cents. He has ______.

a. 4 cents
b. 6 cents
c. 13 cents
d. 8 cents

384. We’ll be there at exactly three o’clock.

a. untill three o’clock
b. about three o’clock
c. at 1500 hours sharp
d. by three o’clock

385. It’s three forty-five.

a. a quarter to five
b. a quarter to four
c. a quarter past three
d. a quarter to three

386. Attending to the meeting was optional

a. everybody should go there
b. Some students will go to the meeting
c. They had a must to go there
d. They had a choice of attending to the meeting

387. He is the tallest member of the team.

a. He is taller.
b. He is taller than the other members.
c. The other members are short
d. They are all shorter than other team.

388. He drives as ___________ Mary does.

a. many than
b. much so
c. fast as
d. as fast as

389. She sings __________ of the three.

a. the more melodiously
b. the most melodious
c. the most melodiously
the melodiously

390. He will make a good pilot.

a. He teaches how to fly.
b. He wants to fly
c. He learns pilot in squadron.
d. He writes records for pilot.

391. He is going to take a pilot training.

a. He will be a teacher
b. He wants to take exam.
c. He is going to fly.
d. He will buy a book about flying.

392. Why don’t you avoid ______ ?

a. smoke
b. to smoke
c. smoking
d. to smoking

393. ___________ is a good exercise.

a. swimming
b. swim
c. swims
d. to swimming

394. I’ll put those books in place ______ you can find them.

a. where
b. which
c. who
d. how

395. Don’t you understand English ?

a. No, I don’t
b. Yes, I don’t
c. Yes I never
d. No, I ever do

396. What is the result called in addition ?

a. sum
b. summary
c. summot
d. summit

397. I got my lessons ___________ .

a. to forwarded
b. forward
c. forwarded
d. to forward

398. He __________go to the movies, does he ?

a. usually
b. doesn’t never
c. doesn’t ever
d. never

399. I never go to the library , ______ ?

a. do I
b. don’t I
c. am I
d. am I not

400. Because it was snowing outside, _____ .

a. We went to the picnic.
b. We went to the movie.
c. We didn’t go anywhere.
d. We didn’t stay home instead.

Answer key: D-D-D-C-B-D-B-C-C-B-C-C-A-A-A-A-C-C-A-C

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