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General English Test-18

341. How many floors do this hotel have ?

a. houses
b. departments
c. rooms
d. stories

342. He took off the wheel to repair it.

a. mounted
b. remounted
c. repaired
c. removed

343. What does the indicator read ?

a. show
b. shower
c. boarder
d. needle

344. The student’s behaviour must be good.

a. conduct
b. condense
c. contract
d. contrary

345. Would you give me a hand ?

a. help
b. shake hands
c. a bread
d. hold a hand

346. There were many horses in the race.

a. confess
b. confirm
c. contest
d. conduct

347. Who asist the doctors in hospital ?

a. cares
b. pays
c. looks over
d. helps

348. You are not allowed to copy in exams.

a. cheat
b. chase after
c. choke away
d. chop down

349. Have you got any chance to go out ?

a. oppose
b. opportunity
c. opportionet
d. chose

350. You feel relaxed after taking a bath.

a. comfortable
b. time-table
c. schedule
d. programme

351. Normally I eat three times a day.

a. always
b. sometimes
c. usually
d. after

352. The plane was detained due to rain.

a. plan to
b. according to
c. as to
d. because of

353. The plane was detained due to rain.

a. dismissed
b. delayed
c. delivered
d. deliberated

354. My wife turns down all kinds of offers.

a. accepts
b. refuses
c. approves

355. To tell the __________ he was very strong.

a. lied
b. true
c. truth

356. We’ll maintain talking about him later.

a. go
b. start
c. keep
d. stop

357. We defeated the enemy in war.

a. suffered
b. beat
c. cheated
d. disguised

358. Dr.Smith advised him to give up smoking.

a. start
b. admit defeats
c. stop
d. addict

359. She was well-attired at the party.

a. dressed
b. made up
c. coiffered
d. known

360. Practically every American has two cars.

a. always
b. almost
c. about
d. generally

Answer key: D-D-D-A-A-C-D-A-B-A-C-D-B-B-C-C-B-C-A-B

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