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General English Test-14

261. The book you bought was a good deal.

a. bargain
b. much
c. a lot

262. The commander called the Sgt. in

a. summary
b. summarized
c. summoned
d. survived

263. His score on ECL test was unbelieveable.

a. incredible
b. very high
c. very low
d. real success
264. Not only John ________ his uncle is coming.

a. and
b. but
c. because
d. also

265. Is it likely to rain this morning?

a. may
b. apt
c. perhaps
d. may be

266. We have quite ample food here.

a. enough
b. much
c. less
d. spailed

267. Each person stands for his country.

a. represents
b. reprimands
c. replaces
d. saves

268. He was late on account of heavy rain.

a. because
b. because of
c. rely on
d. depend on

269. Who took up the books?

a. covered with
b. collected
c. brought upstairs
d. stole

270. Where do we have a dense fog?

a. thick
b. thin
c. hot
d. cloudy

271. Who is a plumber ? A men who deals with.

a. books
b. tapes
c. cars
d. faucets

272. The instructor handed in the papers.

a. sent
b. delivered
c. pick out
d. bought

273. She uses a lot of make up.

a. cosmetics
b. exercises
c. tariff

274. She had a valid excuse for missing the class

a. temporamy
b. acceptable
c. optional
d. currency

275. He had a temporary duty last year.

a. permanent
b. continous
c. hasty
d. not permenant

276. I wish I _________ the money to him.

a. give
b. lend
c. barrowed
d. had given

277. Smoking is prohibited in here.

a. permitted
b. not allowed
c. not to be allowed
d. to be allowed

278. How much is that in ____________?

a. whole
b. all
c. you
d. stale

279. Where are the trousers that go with this suit?

a. come with
b. go by
c. go together
d. match

280. There is a booth in a laboratory.

a. a small enclosed place
b. a place to seat
c. shoes for training
d. a kind of vessel

Answer key: A-C-A-B-A-A-A-B-B-A-D-B-A-B-D-D-B-B-D-A

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