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General English Test-11

201. She makes the ______ every morning.

a. job
b. beds
c. homework
d. dishes

202. He will take a new job .

a. in a different city.
b. for a few money
c. for take more money
d. get more pay

203. Doctors must be ready to go out ……. .

a. with their cars
b. on a call
c. on a sunny day
d. on bad weather conditions

204. He should do it right away

a. promptly
b. quickly
c. slowly
d. will

205. He has of time to do it

a. many
b. much
c. a lot
d. lot

206. What is the between you and me?

a. different
b. difference
c. differential
d. differ

207. He drives more carefully than we …………………………

a. are
b. do
c. does
d. is

208. She knows more than…………………..

a. him
b. me
c. his
d. anyone else

209. This situation is going to get ……………………

a. worse
b. good
c. quickly
d. at once

210. There are many mountain peaks in west.

a. summits
b. sums
c. summary
d. sumtans

211. Traffic is a problem ————— city life.

a. for
b. of
c. with
d. from

212. I had him ————— my letter.

a. sealed
b. seals
c. sealing
d. seal

213. She ————– she’ll buy it soon.

a. said
b. says
c. tells
d. told
214. The bird flew ————— the trees.

a. on
b. over
c. amongly
d. with

215. His mother told him ———– early. (tell s/o to do s/t)

a. come back
b. to come back
c. coming back
d. came back

216. They sat close —————— in the clasroom.

a. near
b. next to
c. together
d. shave

217. —————— I own is my (property)

a. which
b. where
c. what
d. why

218. All these ————— made him very tired.

a. exercises
b. experience
c. experiment
d. studyings

219. They are all voting for me.

a. against me
b. not against me
c. supporting me
d. possessing me

220. I am —————- such heavy traffic.

a. used to
b. using to
c. use to
d. using in

Answer key: B-A-B-A-C-B-B-D-A-A-B-D-B-B-B-C-C-A-B-D

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